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Barock Furniture - An Epoche of Louis XIV.


Barock Sessel Gold/Gold - Replikat des Originals von 1700, der Zeit Ludwig XIV

Baroque furniture comes from the epoch of the years 1600-1720, a time of absolutism of Louis XIV, who reigned at his residence in the Palace of Versailles in Paris.
A time of European nobility and the magnificent palaces, where aristocrats once pulled from residence to residence, now settle down and decorate your gorgeous palaces.

Barock Sessel Bordeaux/Braun - Parchtvoll verzierter Antik Stil Sessel

Characteristics of Baroque Furniture
Typical Baroque furniture is characterized as follows:

     richly decorated
     Tapestries with pictorial motifs
     sumptuously decorated chests of drawers
     shiny hardware and applications
     curved legs
     Inlaid with tables and furniture

Baroque furniture was made ​​at that time for special rooms because the furniture no longer had to be transportable.
In conjunction with the wall, floor and ceiling design baroque furniture calculated as the total work of art


Barock Salon Stuhl - Schwarz Gold - Mit Blattgold verziert, handgerfertigt aus Massivholz
A typical characteristic of the epoch of Baroque is the display of power and wealth in Festsäalen with elaborate furnishings.
Sumptuous decor, curved shapes and decorations are part of the characteristics of the Baroque era
Very popular motifs are floral pattern, flowers and figures from mythology.
In the era of Baroque furniture trade to flourish with the Far East. So come and exotic materials such as mother of pearl, tortoiseshell, ebony and rosewood to Europe.
Who can afford to equip its baroque furniture additionally with gilding, marquetry or paints.