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Balackrgrosshandel.de Newsletter English - Baroque Furniture

VIP Newsletter

Luxurious furniture and decorations from Casa Padrino is found in many 5 star hotels and first quality restaurants throughout Europe and the USA.

Our products are distinguished by the unusual classic designs and quality materials.
The materials are heavy and of high quality and were processed lovingly erstklassisch

Especially in hotels and restaurants that failed quality process champagne and wine are popular cooler ideal for good white wines.
These products are nickel-plated stainless steel.


Hochwertiger vernickelter Champagner Kühler aus dem Hause Casa PadrinoCasa Padrino exklusiver Weinständer Stand Weinkühler für Champagner und WeinCasa Padrino Luxus Weinkuehler für 2 Flaschen vernickelt - Hochwertig und exklusiv verarbeitet.Vintage Look Luxus Weinkühler von Casa Padrino Modell Bull Auge Maritimes Design



Luxurious candle holder candle holders are about as representative table decoration and ambiance.

Luxus Kerzenständer aus dem Hause Casa Padrino- Tisch Dekoration Hochzeit Gastronomie Luxus Restaurant Hotel 5 SterneEdel Kerzenständer Kerzenhalter Hoteleinrichtung Gastronmie EInrichtung Dekoration - Casa Padrino Hotel und Gastro MöbelPrunk Luxus Kerzenständer sehr schwer und massiv 5 Sterne Kategorie Hotel Einrichtung Gourmet Restaurant Einrichtung Schloss Burg Schlösser Luxus VillaLuxus Tisch Dekoration Hotel Cafe Lobby Shisha Lounge Möbel Dekoration Casa Padrino Hochwertig Exklusiv

For hotel rooms, suites and the lobby area we offer exclusive and high-quality processed products such as Nutcracker, as well as bowls and vessels for example, Nuts, sugar or high-quality pastries

Nussschale, Nuss Schale, Gebäck Schale, Zucker Schale, Kandis Schale, Etagere, Nuss Gefäß, Dekoration Nüsse, Dekoration Gebäck, Dekoration Kandis, Dekoration Zucker, Gastronomie Bedarf, Hotel DekoLuxus Nussknacker Vintage Design Schwere Ausführung vernickelt aus dem Hause Casa Padrino Möbel


For hotels, luxury shops, restaurants, exhibition stands, clubs and discos, we offer exclusive VIP screens in heavy quality design:

Luxus VIP Abtrennung für Gastronomie Hotel und Luxus Shopping Geschäfte, Boutique + Messestand Abtrennung, Absperrung Luxus Design                       Luxus VIP Abtrennung für Gastronomie Hotel und Luxus Shopping Geschäfte, Boutique + Messestand Abtrennung, Absperrung Luxus Design

For theaters, cinemas, luxury restaurants, tour operators, luxury hotels, there are high-quality exclusive sign, menus and program stand in silver and gold colors.

Luxus Speisekarten Ständer Massive Ausführung MessingLuxus Speisekarten Ständer Massive Ausführung Silber Theater Restaurant Messe Deko Möbel


Many other decorations you will find here: www.barockgrosshandel.de