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Balackrgrosshandel.de Newsletter English - Baroque Furniture

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In our furniture store in Essen, Baroque furniture in abundance.
Essen ist located only 20 minutes from the luxury city Düsseldorf, so fif you are looking for real extraordinary goods and furniture made in europe then visit our
Store in Essen Germany

We offer many different designs and colors in the baroque area to take the same or as order furniture.
All goods can be shipped worldwide
We have clients from USA, Russia, Dubai, Emirates, China, Japan, Australia, Georgia and Canada

Here are some impressions of our store:

Casa Padrino Barock Möbelgeschäft in Essen / Nordrhein Westfalen (NRW)
Entrance Casa Padrino Baroque furniture (Essen) Engelbertstr. / Corner Severinstr.

Barock Möbelhaus in Essen - Möbelgeschäft mit Barock, Jugendstil, Design und Antikstil Möbel - Einzigartig in ganz Deutschland
Storefront of Casa Padrino in Essen - Baroque furniture store in Essen (NRW)

Casa Padrino Barock Möbel Ausstellung mit Prunksesseln in Essen / Ruhrgebiet
Interior view of the exhibition Casa Padrino wedding chairs, lounge chairs and children, as well as Baroque Stool

Goldfarbene Barock Prunk Wohnzimmer Möbel bestehend aus Sofa, Hocker, Sessel und Couchtisch aus dem Hause Casa Padrino Essen
Gold-colored baroque set consisting of Baroque sofa, antique style coffee table, chaise longue, stool stool
and chair. Recorded in the interior of the baroque furniture store Casa Padrino in Essen.

Shabby Chic und Landhaus Stil Möbel kombiniert mit einem Barock Esszimmer Set in weiß/braun aus dem Hause Casa Padrino
Combination of shabby chic furniture with a white Baroque style dining room set.
Dressers, make-up consoles, cabinets and decorative accessories made ​​by Casa Padrino

Designer Dekoartikel, Barock Bilderrahmen, sowie Bücherregal im Landhaus Stil Look von Casa Padrino
Baroque picture frames, decorative designer articles, Union Jack stool and Shabby Chic Shelves
in the showroom of Casa Padrino