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Tiffany Leuchte - Stehleuchte - Tiffany Lampe

Tiffany lamps have been popluar for a long time with their distinctive charm and Design

Here is a definition from Wikipedia about Tiffany lamps :

" Tiffany art glass defines a facet of artisanal art of Louis Comfort Tiffany . It is actually a technique of glass processing , stylistically the decorative arts , however, closely associated with the Art Nouveau style.

This art , which connects individual pieces of glass by wrapping with copper foil and solder is ideal for designing three-dimensional structures . The soldered joints are provided with a patina. To do this, be copper , and then treated with chemicals. You get so its characteristic black or green color .

An example of three-dimensional structures provide glass shades for Tiffany lamps dar. also modern design, door glazing, window glazing , statues , lighting, Easter , poinsettias , angels and garden art produced in this foil technique .

With leaded windows (eg church windows ) and the lead came technique used, there are , however, comparatively generates only simple spatial forms.

A good design can lose by unsuitable or improperly -applied glass much of its effect. It is no coincidence LCTiffany chose with great care color and texture from . This attention to detail distinguishes its objects from many others and contributed to his great success. His style or his models to be imitated by numerous artisans. "
Source: www.wikipedia.de

Tiffany Leuchte - Schreibtischleuchte

Barockgrosshandel.de offers a großßes range of Tiffany floor lamps, pendant lamps, table lamps, decorative lights and much more.
Ideal for a comfortable living environment or as a restaurant or hotel establishment. Inspire Tifanny lamps and lights, and shine with your warm light reflections.

Tiffany Designer Leuchte

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