Versace Designer baroque wallpaper Baroque & Roll 962316 Nouveau woven wallpaper non-woven wallpaper

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Versace Designer baroque wallpaper

High quality

10,05m x 0,70 m

Material: fleece

About Versace Home Collection
Versace home 2 - ornamental splendor

After the huge success of the first joint wallpaper collection showcase AS Création and Versace Home, the second edition of luxurious wall clothes that quite the distinctive style of the Italian design house neoclassical tradition and innovative interpretations links: Meet Classical motifs on ultra-modern look, neo-baroque opulence on timeless colourways. Precious materials and the highest level of detail complete the distinctive aesthetic of five emblematic Versace topics to a Gesamtkunstwerk for the walls, which every ambience - whether stylish or modern - brilliantly refined.

La Coupe des Dieux
How to precious ancient representations meets "La Coupe des Dieux", the characteristic design of the current home collection of Versace, to architectural drawings from the Versace Palace in Milan, both surrounded by baroque decorations and floral scrolls. The timeless, tile-like black and white print embodied in incomparably elegant, the perfect combination of tradition and modernity - through and through Versace.

Detail Reich drawn, elaborate and acanthus leaves in different sizes deploy a lush splendor on the walls. With three-dimensional effects and splendid gold and mother of pearl, they can immerse themselves in the myth of ancient Rome, awaken the magic of the sumptuous villas of ancient Pompeii to life and so create a fascinating, elegant overall picture.

Palm leaves and ferns in rare opulence - the legendary flower prints from the archives of the Villa Versace see exquisite satin wallpaper echoed. With powerful greens they create an impressive jungle. In dark, contrasting shades bring a mystical atmosphere in the rooms and light cream tones enchant you with fascinating delicacy.

#Greek - Straight from the catwalk comes a new symbolic play with the classical Greek meander pattern - at the same time an emblematic motif of the house Versace, which is characterized by continuous development and renewal. In the latest collection we encounter this ancient ornament as a new, extravagant statement the Versace vision of the 21st century - a playful and at the same time full of clarity.