Casa Padrino

Casa Padrino Baroque Living Room Set Bordeaux pattern / Gold - 3 seater +2 seater sofa + 1 chair

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Baroque Living Room Set
     Consisting of:
     3 seater pattern Bordeaux / Gold Width approx 210 cm height about 135 cm depth ca 90 cm Seat height approx 52 cm
     2 seater Bordeaux pattern / Gold Width approx 182 cm height 125 cm depth ca ca 60 cm Seat height approx 52 cm
     1 x living room armchair pattern Bordeaux / Gold Width: 85 cm Height: about 127 cm depth: 65 cm Seat height: about 52 cm
     Color: Bordeaux pattern / Gold
     Covered with a fine satin fabric (60% polyester 40% cotton)
     Filling: 100% Polyurethane foam padding
     Brand: Casa Padrino
     Casa Padrino is a registered trademark with the German Patent and Trademark Office

This item is an authentically handcrafted antique style replica. Color deviations, small cracks, flaking, antique traces, crooked rivets, bumps and other antique style features are part of the article and make each piece of furniture unique.