Casa Padrino

Casa Padrino Nouveau bath stone freestanding 1700mm BBlan White - Freestanding Retro antique bathtub

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Freestanding Art Nouveau bath Casa Padrino
This bathtub from the house Casa Padrino is a luxurious eye-catcher for your bathroom. Model BBlan

Material: Natural stone mixture (natural stone mineral - calcium Cabonat marble and limestone)

Color white
93 kg


Length: 1700 mmHöhe: 670 mmBreite: 800 mm

Every natural stone sink is hand polished for several hours, so that a unique elegant and smooth surface is created, which can be a unique piece each bath.

The tub is easy to maintain, minor damage or scratches can be polished easily.

It comes with a template is included, for the drilling of fittings or overflow holes on the tub.

Matching drain / overflow sets and siphon, please contact us. Just ask downstream

The bathtub is available with 18 different feet.

Scope of supply: without bath from - and overflow

5 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Eye catching in order to you will be envied.