Casa Padrino offers splendid baroque-style beds with hand-carved ornaments and various decorations.
This will give you a glorious feeling of living.
The beds are completely handmade and available as a box spring bed or normal mattress bed.
We are also happy to make your bed in baroque style according to your individual wishes.
You can choose from a wide range of fabrics and colors, as well as the size of the bed.
Casa Padrino Baroque beds are available in e.g. Available in the following colors: Gold, Silver, White, Cream, Cream Gold,
White Silver, White Gold, Khaki, Black, Bordeaux Red, Royal Blue, Jade Green, Pink, Pink, Yellow, Green, Brown.
The beds can be covered with velvet, synthetic leather materials, satin or cotton fabrics and ordered.
Just contact us for your individual order.