Shabby Chic Furniture

Natural, down-to-earth and with a touch of romance - this is how the country house style presents itself. Typical are natural materials such as wood, rattan, stone and leather. The country house style brings the outside inside: wicker baskets, flowers in an enamel pitcher, logs and flowering hydrangeas bring nature into the house. The dominant colors are white, gray, subtle natural tones and delicate pastel colors, but also strong red and blue. Accessories such as pillows and blankets adorn traditional floral prints and classic checks, stripes and dots. Individual shabby chic furniture complements the country house style, while antiques, heirlooms and flea market treasures add a touch of nostalgia.

Shabby Chic furniture is very popular nowadays because this style of furniture has a lovely flea market character. Shabby-chic furniture is often referred to as soul furniture, though shabby-chic means shabby style. Originally, these pieces of furniture were actually refurbished second- or third-hand finds favored by female students. Because they were cheap, colorful and kombistark. In the meantime renowned furniture manufacturers have adopted this popular style of furniture and produce high-quality Shabby-Chic furniture. Old is redefined. Furniture of this style is reminiscent of the good old days and have minimal traces of artificial wear, which supposedly tell a story. Slight color chips, small scratches and signs of wear are skilfully staged. Perfectionism is out of place with Shabby Chic. The colors of furniture and upholstered furniture are dominated by creamy white, old rose, light blue and natural wood tones.