Home Textiles

Imagine an apartment with only plain furniture. Karg, right?
This can be changed quickly and easily with home textiles.
In order to make your four walls really cozy, Casa Padrino's products, such as colorful embroidered pillows for the sofa, a beautiful runner for the long hallway and bedspreads that give the bedroom the right color boost.
All this makes the apartment your home.
Home textiles give the functional furniture that important little bit of coziness.
But all home textiles can do one thing equally: they provide comfort, warmth and individuality in the home.
With the appropriate pillows, blankets and Co., a room can be completely redesigned, without the dear, expensive furniture must give way to the new look.
Simply combine the furniture with the textile home accessories.
Other patterns, colors or materials, throws and decorative fabrics can give the old room a fresh flair - and much cheaper than with a set of new furniture.
Idealism and passion are very important to us.
For special requests please contact the Casa Padrino support.
We will take care of your individual wishes as soon as possible.
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