Casa Padrino offers a wide range of different sofas for sale.
All sofas are made of very high quality materials, which will ensure that you will enjoy these pieces of furniture for a long time.
Finally arrived at home!
Now it's time to calm down, put your feet up and relax.
The sofas of Casa Padrino are a pure oasis for you, your island in everyday life and your safe haven at home.
Here you can relax or get creative, watch TV or read.
Casa Padrino sofas are made in Italian and French style.
Casa Padrino baroque sofas are created according to authentic designs of the ancient periods of Italy and France.
The exclusive pieces of furniture are lovingly crafted by hand.
A sofa or a living room couch by Casa Padrino is a fancy piece of furniture and eye-catcher for every interior.
Sofas Living room sets from Casa Padrino are enjoying increasing popularity nowadays.
You can often find Casa Padrino baroque sofas in exclusive hotels, restaurants, hairdressers, beauty salons, studios and much more.
Idealism and uniqueness are very important at Casa Padrino.
If you have any special requests, please contact the highly qualified team of Casa Padrino, your baroque wholesaler from Essen (Germany).
We're here to help you!