Room Divider

With a room divider by Casa Padrino, the baroque wholesaler from Essen (Germany), intimacy and coziness can be easily created.
Particularly large rooms are less cool with a room divider.
Whether at home or at work, a room divider by Casa Padrino is just the thing if you want to divide a room into different areas.
It does not matter if only an indicated optical subdivision of a space into different areas - like e.g. a reading corner in the living room - or a proper privacy, for example, for the changing room in the bedroom, is desired, the options for the use of a room divider are diversified here.
Casa Padrino offers a variety of luxury room dividers to choose from.
With us you are guaranteed to find the right piece for your living environment.
If you have special requests, please contact the highly qualified team of Casa Padrino.
We will help you competently in every detail.