Casa Padrino offers a huge selection of chandeliers and chandeliers in antique, baroque and luxury styles.
Chandeliers and chandeliers are true works of art.
Artfully crafted, decorated with crystals or in modern design they are the focal point and center of a room.
Not only in large halls and foyers are chandeliers at home, even their own living spaces make them shine again.
A chandelier or a fancy chandelier only comes into its own in large rooms?
We contradict this statement.
Our exclusive selection of luminaires offers the right eye-catcher for every living situation and every ambience.
Give your reduced and minimalist interior that certain something.
Of course, large rooms, such as an expansive hall or a foyer, are predestined for a pompous chandelier or a lamp with real Swarovski crystal hangings.
But even playful furnished apartments or even discos and bars are perfect for a chandelier.
He should be modern and extravagant in order to be the center of attention.
If you have special requests, please contact the highly qualified team of Casa Padrino.
We will help you competently in every detail.