Hanging Lamps

Casa Padrino sells an extensive collection of hanging lamps, gastronomy and restaurant lighting and much more.
For your beautiful home you will find a large number of different pendant lights.
For the lovers of a classic interior, we carry lights in a discreet baroque style.
But friends of rustic facilities are guaranteed to find something and can choose from a variety of styles, for example, a lamp in copper look.
From the simple round or square design to elongated tube lights to functional chandeliers.
The design of ceiling lights are virtually unlimited.
Numerous models score with striking design in playful patterns, e.g. as a mix of geometric figures or in a popular flower optics.
At Casa Padrino you will find a huge selection of high-quality ceiling lights in brass, aluminum, stainless steel, glass, chrome and many other materials.
If you have special requests, please contact the highly qualified team of Casa Padrino.
We are guaranteed to help you.