Table Lamps

Casa Padrino offers a variety of table lamps to choose from.
Table lamps are a wonderful way to create the utmost comfort factor in your commercial space, or even at home with the simplest means.
Our exclusive table lamps immerse a bedside table in a soft light for a cozy atmosphere.
A famous representative of this genre, the famous "banker's lamp" with its legendary green umbrella, has even made history on the desks of famous financiers and eminent politicians.
Even in some gentleman clubs all over the world, she still looks good today with her dignified understatement.
Made of different materials from extravagant as a crystal table lamp over noble and puristic as metal table lamps with or even without umbrella, they are perfectly combined with the interior of any room.
The infinite variety of colors, shapes, designs and materials allows you to fulfill every wish.
With our wide selection of table lamps, you will certainly be able to meet your personal needs.
Idealism and passion are very important to us.
If you have special requests, please contact the highly qualified team of Casa Padrino.
We will help you competently in every detail.